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Biometric identification methods utilized in time clocks and time and attendance – Fingerprint Time Attendance system

Time Attendance Management System

Biometric identification methods utilized in time clocks and time and attendance systems can be misconstrued as being interpretable by your databases used by police along with other law enforcement bodies. The reality is when you took the information that’s used to determine a worker with a fingerprint biometric time clock, it’d not look anything like an ordinary fingerprint – and undoubtedly could not be used by all authorities to identify an individual. Not one of the common biometric clocking types may be utilized to identify an individual in any environment apart from inside the time and attendance system. Unlike readers utilized in the AFIS database, which will be the database utilized by police force, most time clocks only utilize the fingerprint for the first part of the procedure – then the fingerprint image is lost. None of Acumen’s time clocks or watches that we implement store the fingerprint picture. With Acumen’s fingerprint biometric time clocks, the system recognizes points where fingerprints intersect or finish – and after that the map of those points is created. This map of coordinates will be referred to as the biometric template.

Fingerprint Time attendance Software

Fingerprint Time attendance Software

The red circles indicate the coordinates where the system has recognized fingerprint endpoints or intersections. When a worker uses the time clock, the system maps her or his fingerprint intersections and end points. The system then analyzes it to the biometric templates included inside the system. If all the coordinates are recognized when the employee punches, it validates the ID and allows the trade to be processed. In case the template doesn’t match any one of the biometric templates included inside the system, the transaction is denied. The technology utilized in biometric systems can’t be used for any purpose apart from for access control and time and attendance. Since no personal info beyond the biometric template and worker number is concerned, there’s no risk of any very sensitive info being compromised in any shape or form. That is why, with Acumen fingerprint biometric time and attendance solutions, you may rest assured your personal info and biometric data are safe and sound. The two main types of technology commonly used for fingerprint biometric id: capacitive and image based. Capacitive scanners work like touchscreens, an electric pulse detects the ridges of fingerprints to map out combine and end points. Image based scanners take an image of the fingerprint to create the biometric template.