Time attendance Management

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About US

12+ Years Experience in Workforce Management System.

As experts in time for over 12 years, we can help revolutionize way you run your business. we’ve been committed to constantly evolving our systems to offer you the ultimate in workforce management.
Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to serving you. We’ve led the way in developing employee management software, designing user-friendly, intelligent products that seamlessly integrate with our clients’ systems.
Robust Time and Attendance

Time Tracking Made Easy

Biometric devices record employee time

Data Collecting With Biometric Devices Prevent Buddy Punching

Data Collection With Biometric Devices Protection from Ghost Employees

Time and attendance management

Centralized Employee Database Management Search when needed.

The solution That Flexible can Handel Complex Time Shift Requirements

Reports work-time, absent

Generate and Export Wide Range of Attendance Reports.

Most reports can be exported in Excel, PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT

Fingerprint Time Attendance

We Can Easily Integrate With Your Trusted Payroll Software

Our Payroll export tool can easily create an export format as required

Shift scheduling

Automatic Rotating Shift Schedules Flexibility 365 Days

Shift scheduling is very important for any organization to optimize resources

Attendance Management System

Automates The Leave Request Process, Making it Hassle-Free

Approval/rejection, filing leaves managing leave balance and analysis.