What is Buddy Punching? And How to Prevent It!

Buddy punching is when a coworker punches your timecard in/out for you 

When you Late Coming/Early Out or  Absence.

Benefits of Biometric Time Attendance Systems.

Say you’re running late for work and you won’t be able to clock in on time. You send a quick text to a coworker asking them to clock in for you. Or you need to duck out a few minutes early and don’t want the boss to know, and you ask your coworker to clock you out at the actual end of your shift. Maybe you can’t show up for your shift at all. So your buddy does you a favor and punches your timecard by clocking in/out for you—thus the name, buddy punching.

Life happens to all of us. However, a few minutes here and there of coworker buddy punching can certainly add up on your payroll. Every three-fourths of employers lose money to buddy punching, with employees getting Extra hour's worth of unworked wages each week.

2. How to prevent buddy punching at work

Use the technology on your side, Biometrics Turns out, there’s nothing quite like the real thing. Just like thumbprints and facial recognition, Only 3 percent of employees who commit time theft are able to do so using biometric clocks. Biometric timekeeping eliminates buddy punching by using a unique fingerprint, Facial scan. It can be an (almost) foolproof way of keeping employees from abusing your timekeeping system.

Being an employer or a manager, the most tedious task is to ensure that your employee works the exact hours which they claim as their working hours and to keep track of their attendance records, etc...

Time and Attendance tracking systems play a significant role in workplaces and offices, as it can monitor and track the employee, when he started working and when he stopped!!!