An employee database software allows you to store, manage, and track all employee data. It holds a variety of employee personnel fields such as name, age, job title, salary, length of service, etc for an HR to refer from. A good employee database software should be self-service based where the employees themselves can add and edit their information.  Check Time is a perfect Time Attendance software for rapidly growing businesses. It offers employee database management capabilities that include time attendance reports with payroll export links. 

The direct function of the Employee attendance management system include:

Monitors employee attendance time attendance Work hour and Overtime

Time of Clock in and out of work

Snap to avoid buddy clocking

link with your payroll  software 

It also helps with the audit trail, labor checks, etc.

Every organization will have employees who take advantage of the management and wastes a few hours daily. Be it late arrivals, taking leaves without permission, leaving in office hours, etc. are some of the ways that employees use to get away with things. But now there is no need to worry about these things. If a perfect employee attendance system comes into place, it becomes easy for the organizations to compute each employee’s time and attendance with link of biometric system