check time attendance software

Advantages of Biometrics Time & Attendance System

Now days more and more businesses have begun to use is biometric technology. Biometric time and attendance terminals are getting more and more popular thanks to the various benefits they provide .

check time attendance software

How Does a Biometric System Work?

A attendance system software helps both employers and employees to track daily attendance and regularize it, and approve or reject leaves as they are connected to an attendance app that records the data captured and can be viewed from the app and Software interface.

check time attendance software

What is Biometric Time Attendance System?

Biometric time clock software will sync data across all devices and gives employees the option to clock in clock out from any of the devices. This can be set as a part fo your ClockIt time clock settings

Touchless Biometrics

The Rise of Touchless Biometrics Amid COVID and more

Touchless facial recognition with mask detection and body temperature measurement.

Data Collection With Biometric Devices

Data Collection With Biometric Devices Protection from Ghost Employees

Data Collection With Biometric Devices Protection from Ghost Employees Whatever the size of your business, Time and Attendance Systems has a data collection device that is right for you.