Facial recognition based attendance system

With the advancement of technologies each and every day, humanity is slowly going towards contactless everything. It is quite evident that the future ahead of us will become so much advance that maybe 90%+ things that we are doing right now will be either automated or become contactless. One such advancement will be the facial recognition technology or the FR tech.

Facial recognition technology is a system or software which is capable enough to verify the identity of a person from analyzing an image or video footage. Some of the technologies or software are so advanced that even blurred pictures are sometimes rendered enough and analyzed to know the identity of the person. So much are the advantages of this system that it would take a long article to note down each and every one of them. But today, our prime focus will be on one of the many applications of facial recognition technology, and that is using face recognition based attendance system.

Offices or workplaces or even just public places where the entry and exit times of employees or a person are strictly noted down will have a ready-made automated system to record the entry and exit time of each person for a given time. It won’t even need the person to stop and click a photo, the software’s are advanced enough to record the data from a continuous reel also. This means the flow won’t get hampered, or you won’t have to stop and smile or something like that. Just enter or exit the place effortlessly like you do everyday and boom! Your attendance will be recorded without any fuss!.


Since the whole process will be done by a computer, it means the total attendance registration and calculation will be automated and done by the system itself, therefore, saving us the money which would have been otherwise spent on the labor cost to do that.