Facial Recognition Time Attendance System.

Today facial recognition is a convenient and user friendly technology for tracking your employee time and attendance, Employees just look at camera and the system will recognize the face in less than a second. 

Our facial recognition System clock/In and clock/Out time data automatically send to the time and attendance system. The real time report shows the availability of each employee at work site. 

Facial Recognition Readers can be very beneficial to medium and large businesses with more than 20-10000 employees. This solution provides safe technology to track employee Work hours, Overtime, and Break Time. 

employees can’t cheat Facial Recognition Readers system. No-one can clock in their buddy. Our facial recognition devices are accurate and reliable, you can rest assured that your data is precise  

Our biometric devices don’t hold any biometric data that could be useable elsewhere. A random Binary Code of data is stored of a user’s fingerprint or face. This data isn’t readable by any other type of device.

To clock in or out you just have to walk in front of the device, you don’t need to touch it, Facial recognition is a simple adeffective solution for employee time and attendance tracking based on accurate biometric face recognition software.

The management can track and record attendance accurately as our Facial Recognition Readers. sync data in real time to our Time Attendance Software, out software can link or send attendance data directly to other HR components like Payroll, leave, etc. The attendance management system has seen a significant change over a short period. From manual registers to smart attendance tracking system.

Facial recognition attendance system is a cost-effective alternative that can be easily Install and Use by any IT, or HR.