Reduce Payroll Errors and Cost with a biometric Time Management Solution

Reduce Payroll Errors and Cost with a biometric Time Management Solution.

time & attendance biometrics system is to permit employees to punch in and out time. HR get all record of the working hours of their workforce. from biomatric system in real time from readers to take care of attendance records.

The idea behind choosing employee time & attendance software is to make sure that the attendance records remain accurate. just in case an employee is absent thanks to unexpected circumstances, like illness and last-minute leave, HRs can refer data to make allowances and overtime accordingly.

Your time & management software should have a versatile feature of scheduling the punch in and out timings. It helps you in managing attendance for the staff that works in rotational shifts. you ought to be ready to create multiple schedules without hustle.

These are a couple of features that you simply should expect in our employee time & attendance system. If you’re considering smart HR software that takes care of attendance and payroll, Timelabs can help. It comes in handy with a self-service portal that creates employees self-reliant. The software aims to bring down the value and increase employee productivity.

Your employee time & attendance software should have an option for payroll integration. It can assist you get accurate attendance records and use them for the payroll cycle. you'll then calculate and make salaries with fewer or no errors and discrepancies. It also helps you within the case when an employee leaves the organization. You’ll have the records of his attendance and may settle his full and payoff accordingly.