Attendance tracking is the most vital day-to-day operations of any business

A faster, more accurate, and user-friendly time and attendance management system, All Hours simplifies your payroll process, minimizes compliance risk, raises productivity, and lowers labor costs. 

Time and attendance tracking is one of the most vital day-to-day operations of any business.CheckTime is an automated time and workforce management Software that goes far beyond traditional time and attendance solutions. Correctly tracking your employees’ time, schedules, and leave has a direct impact on many aspects of your business, from payroll processing to compliance to employee turnover. Automated time tracking is a reliable way to reduce labor costs and improve efficiency with tools like biometric Face Recognition and Fingerprint Reader time clock is a reliable, accurate way to keep track of employee attendance, and you’ll find a wide selection of devices that can link with CheckTime Software. with Lan, WiFi or USB (Pen-drive), for Remote location biometric reader can send data Thru CheckTime ADMS server. 

biometric time clocks, automatic data collection, and simplified log audits. Improving your time tracking can also increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover by cutting down the time your workers spend on “busy work” and non-productive tasks.

For organizations that have a schedule-based workforce, optimizing scheduling processes is a crucial element of workforce management. checkTime Advanced Shift sechduleing management  uses automation and insights to help you schedule your workforce for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Time & attendance software is used by companies and HR departments to simplify time tracking. These solutions manage company time and attendance data by automatically calculating all hours worked as well as vacation time, holidays, sick days, and overtime